When I lived in Seattle, I wanted an Oriental garden.
Philip and I created what you seen on these pages.
It starts with a three tiered waterfall on an upper pond that runs down a rivlet and falls into the main pond.  The main pond has an overflow bog-pond. 
Then there are the other two ponds in the lower yard that are joined by a rivlet and fall into a small rock lined pool that falls into the lowest pond. 

Now that we have 2 1/2 acres of wooded land with year round streams Nature is the element of design
and I am making use of mosses and ferns and such to sculpt the property into a natural park.
The Ponds

Upper pond and falls

Large center pond

View S.W. of main pond

Pine, Lantern and bog

Upper of the lower two ponds

Lowest of the ponds

A view of both lower ponds

Upper yard and pond/clacker

Hidden Bog Pond

Hidden Buddah

Apple Trees Blooming

Faun Guard