Washington State Patrol
I retired from the Washington State Patrol on the 29th of February, 2000 after a 25 1/2 year career.
I spent most of my career in the engineering group of Electronic Services.
 I was first hired in September of 1974 and after a bit of turmoil at the start, I had a very successful career,
holding positions as Microwave technician, VHF radio technician, Data Network technician
as well as stints in the shop, the installation lanes, the warehouse and as buyer.

This link takes you to a page of a few of the fond visual memories of my WSP career.
After 1984 most of my time was spent engineering computer and network hardware and software.
I feel fortunate to have served with the WSP in an engineering group that designed and produced many patentable systems.
Our team of engineers and technicians produced design changes and innovations
that have been and are part of a number of major manufacturer's lines.
ego-pic When I retired I was an Information Technology Applications and Systems Specialist 6
and my working title was Applications Manager.
I was the key WSP member of the CVISN design team,
sharing the work with Bill Goforth and Doug Decker at DOT.
My claim to fame has been my design of the State Patrol's Mobile Computer Network (MCN).
This was one of the first functional packet based vehicular computer networks.
The design of the MCN allowed me to travel and deliver papers to the International Communications Association,
where the MCN won an "Award For Innovation",
the JPL/NASA International Mobile Satellite Convention
and to the International Association of Chiefs of Police
where MCN won the Webber-Seavey Award.
It has also allowed me to test the use ofMobile Satellite communications. I used to dream of a Law Enforcement Satellite.
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Please remember those Troopers who gave their lives
in service to the people of the State of Washington

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