Washington State DOT/CVISN


I retired from the Washington State Patrol on the 29th of February, 2000 after a 25 1/2 year career.
I spent the last months of my career as the WSP ESD/IT representative to the CVISN project.
At that time the project was run by a bunch of retired WSP commanders that I'd known for decades.
They had all gone to WSDOT and they kept asking me to come work for them.
Well, I wanted some toys and something to occupy my time so I went back to work.

Then I reached the limit of hours I could work for WSDOT and still remain on the retirement rolls.
I was contacted by a branch of Bellevue Community College,
the Center for Information Services Technology Solutions Group Division.
They offered me a position as a consultant with decent pay.
I accepted and was immediately assigned to WSDOT/CVISN as a consultant.

I loved the work.  I worked with a bunch of very outstanding people.
The two other IT pros, Bill Goforth and Doug Deckert,
were both far better than I am and kept me humble.
I did most everything in the .NET environment and using a lot of SQL stored procedures.
This means I learned a lot of new stuff.
Plus I got to use my extensive knowledge of communications protocols.
writing interfaces to tag readers, controllers and other devices.
My final effort till the latest retirement was to recode all of
the many different programs that the Commercial Vehicle Division used
into a single unified interface storing all the data on the CVSA cloud of servers.